Establishing Of The Companies

We provide complex legal advisory by establishment of the companies including consultations for identification of appropriate type of company, conditions for activities that require additional license and other related legal assistance, which may be connected with the company establishment.

After company establishment, we provide complete legal advisory on day-to-day basis including contract reviews, negotiations with business partners, by important changes in the company structure (change of managing directors, mergers and acquisitions etc.) as well as by other matters relating to business operation such as debt recovery , labour law or data protection.

Debt Recovery

We know by ourselves that business needs stable partners and that payment discipline is crucial. Our law firm provides debt recovery services from the contacting of debtors by notices to the representation in judicial and non-judicial proceedings as well.

We understand that each case is specific whether as to its business background, debt amount or liquidity of debtor. We provide comprehensive legal assistance including negotiation with debtors, proposals and preparation of required legal steps before potential court proceedings, representation in the court and arbitration proceedings and subsequent enforcement proceedings.


If you cannot avoid to trial, our legal firm uses our practice for clients´ representation before Slovak courts and in arbitrational proceedings as well. We provide legal advisory including drafting of petitions, remedies and legal assistance by enforcement proceedings whereby we cooperate with experience executors. Our clients are consecutively informed on the case status.

We represent clients in various fields of disputes, mainly in commercial, labour and civil proceedings. We also provide legal assistance by the enforcement of decisions of foreign courts or arbitration courts in Slovakia.

Due Diligence, Mergers And Acquisitions

Whether you plan a purchase or sale of business or its part or you plan to undertake a review of the current contract status with suppliers and clients or review of the asset, our due diligence services will give you a comprehensive overview on legal standing of your business.

Due diligence requires knowledge of various legal fields, whereby we rely on our experience in such fields. These services also require identification of risks and weaknesses, which may arise from particular transactions.

After due diligence procedure we provide comprehensive services by the preparation of documents and negotiations by sale or purchase of business either on the side of seller or buyer.

Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection is a very important aspect in business. Sometimes is it important for your operations and sometimes for the Data Protection Authority… Whether you arrange consumer contest or need an advice with data protection administration, we will be happy to assist you with our long-term experience in this area.

We offer our consulting services, preparation of the required documentation under law and representation before the Data Protection Authority.

Labour Law

They say that people are most valuable asset of the company. Well-adjusted labour law relations are helping for the successful operation of the business. In the field of labour law we provide, among others, legal advisory and required assistance by preparation of employment contracts, advisory by employees´ claims and by termination of employment relationships as well.

We represent employees and employers by settling of the arisen dispute and by preparation of documents, negotiations on employment claims, analysis of consequences of eventual disputes and subsequent legal proceedings.

Insolvency, Restructuring and Liquidation

We provide legal advisory connected with the submission of application of claims in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings as well as representation of clients – creditors in the entire procedure of bankruptcy and restructuring. We also provide legal advisory in the connection with the evaluation of criteria for bankruptcy declaration and restructuring approval including preparation of required documents and communication with court and bankruptcy or restructuring trustee.

In the case of liquidation we also provide complete legal assistance including cooperation with liquidator, accountants, as well as other experts in order to secure effective course of liquidation and the following company termination.

Trustee Office

Trustee Office provides trustee services under the Trustee Act and Bankruptcy and Restructuring Act.

Our team prepares bankruptcy petitions as well as restructuring opinions in order to undertake restructuring of debtor and settlement of creditors.

Real Estate

Real Estate legal services comprise of legal advisory in the preparation process before the transaction is undertaken, preparation of required documents (such as purchase and pledge contracts) and participation on negotiations regarding mainly purchase, sale or lease of real estate.

In the case of construction projects we represent clients in respective proceedings from preparatory advisory to representation before respective authorities as well as by the communication and drafting of contracts with suppliers up to final stage of the project.

Intellectual Property

Law firm BUŽEK & TEREM advokáti uses its experience in the field of intellectual property including legal assistance by registration of trademarks, and proceedings regarding their registration at the Slovak Industrial Property Authority. We also assist by drafting and reviewing of authorship contracts and license contracts.

Our team also provides legal advisory to the rights regarding internet domains and legal advisory regarding various other intellectual property issues, which may arise in business.